Welcome to Giant Stride Scuba International!
Giant Stride Scuba is many things to many people. Giant Stride is a highly experienced, dedicated group of scuba diving professionals offering dive training, advice and other diving services. Most Giant Stride students build lasting friendships both during and after their dive training courses and scuba diving vacations. The relationship between our instructors, staff and customers has become more like an extended family than a purely business relationship.

Giant Stride Scuba International was created when Giant Stride moved its operations from Aurora, Colorado to Jackson, California. Giant Stride still has a huge diving family in Colorado after years of serving the dive community there. The Giant Stride family continues to grow in California. Worldwide affiliations are now being developed to bring the Giant Stride philosophy of dive training and service to divers everywhere. The launching of this site is designed to attract even more members to our diverse gathering of scuba enthusiasts.

The dive professionals at Giant Stride are disappointed that worldwide, a majority of newly certified divers quit the sport after the first year. The figures are debated, but recognized statistics indicate that as many as 8 out of 10 new divers stop diving within the first year of becoming certified. We promote and have experienced significant success by offering a more personalized approach to continuing education and training. This approach motivates divers to stay in and enjoy the sport of scuba diving for years to come.

Giant Stride Dive Leaders are trained to the highest standards that utilize a proven "comfort through repetition" philosophy. Years of experience and thousands of well trained divers stand as a testament to this philosophy and the levels to which Giant Stride has taken it.

Accepted industry surveys indicate that only 1% of the population has discovered scuba diving! It is our hope that you will join us in unmasking one of the best kept recreational secrets. With 70% of our planet covered by water, there's a lot of discovery and fun being missed. Come join us, we're tired of having it all to ourselves!

The purpose of this site is to attract people who want to pursue scuba in a different way. We hope to leverage our experience and to share on a wider scale what has made us successful. Giant Stride is pursuing a new business model, participating in the development of on-line academic training programs, and entering into professional affiliations around the world designed to allow us to offer a higher level of personalized, professional and readily available diver services.

Whether you are a person who's always wanted to try diving, a former diver who just never kept it going, or a dedicated professional who is looking for a better way, we invite you to contact us and join our diving family. E-mail to [email protected], or join our mailing list by using the form to the left of the page. Also I will be soon release something similar to this FLIR TG165 Review as I am waiting for it to arrive.

Wayne Carlson